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Burnt Movie Quotes

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Burnt movie quotes tell the story of one brilliant chef who lost it all and is hell bent on redemption. The culinary comedy-drama was adapted into a screenplay by Steven Knight, based on a story by Michael Kalesniko. Directed by John Wells, Burnt opened in theaters on October 30, 2015.

In Burnt, Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) began his career as a teenager in Paris working at the hottest restaurant in town. In following this dream of becoming a chef, however, Adam fell into drug use and made a lot of bad decisions, pissing off a lot of others (including Uma Thurman, Omar Sy and Alicia Vikander) in the process, not to mention torpedoing his career. So three years later when Adam looks to make his big comeback, he needs to tidy up some loose ends first.

With the goal of earning three Michelin stars, Adam gathers a kitchen staff (including Sienna Miller, Daniel Brühl and Matthew Rhys) and sets off to open the best restaurant in the world. With everything on the line, Adam must risk it all if he is going to redeem himself.

Burnt brings some levity to theaters which are already showing other great films such as The Last Witch Hunter, Suffragette, Bridge of Spies, and Goosebumps.
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    You Can't Do This Alone

    Dr. Rosshilde: You can't do this alone. There's strength in needing others, not weakness.
    Adam Jones: Should I be writing this down cause I don't have a crayon.

    Adam speaks to Dr. Rosshilde about his efforts to create the best kitchen in the world. He's stubborn and doesn't want to admit that he cannot do it alone but perhaps that's the best way for him to learn.
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    I Didn't Know

    Adam Jones: When I was 16 I quit school and saved just enough money for a one-way ticket to Paris. Maybe I just wanted it really bad then when I got it too early, I didn't know how to hold onto it...

    Giving some background into his life, Adam explains his first big break and how he threw it all away. This time in his career has weighed on him and is what he looks to redeem himself from.
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    The Only Place I've Ever Felt Like I Belonged

    Adam Jones: The kitchen's the only place I've ever felt like I belonged. I loved every minute of it, the heat, the pressure, the violence.

    Adam has always marched to the beat of his own drummer but there was always one place that he felt safe: the kitchen. He yearns to get back in there and is on his way to do just that.
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    You Have a Spare Bedroom?

    Adam Jones: Resume's great, this lamb's fantastic. Would you work for me?
    David: Heck yeah!
    Adam Jones: Would you work for me for nothing?
    David: Yeah, absolutely
    Adam Jones: You have a spare bedroom?
    Sara: He scares me!
    David: He's a two-star Michelin chef. He's supposed to be scary.
    Sara: But two doesn't seem like many.
    David: To get even one Michelin star, you have to be like Luke Skywalker. But if you manage to get three, you're Yoda.
    Sara: What if he's Darth Vader?

    As David allows Adam to stay at his place, David's girl Sara ponders if that is a good idea. She doesn't exactly understand how the whole culinary world works but luckily David is there with Star Wars analogies to help.
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