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Burnt movie quotes tell the story of one brilliant chef who lost it all and is hell bent on redemption. The culinary comedy-drama was adapted into a screenplay by Steven Knight, based on a story by Michael Kalesniko. Directed by John Wells, Burnt opened in theaters on October 30, 2015.

In Burnt, Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) began his career as a teenager in Paris working at the hottest restaurant in town. In following this dream of becoming a chef, however, Adam fell into drug use and made a lot of bad decisions, pissing off a lot of others (including Uma Thurman, Omar Sy and Alicia Vikander) in the process, not to mention torpedoing his career. So three years later when Adam looks to make his big comeback, he needs to tidy up some loose ends first.

With the goal of earning three Michelin stars, Adam gathers a kitchen staff (including Sienna Miller, Daniel Brühl and Matthew Rhys) and sets off to open the best restaurant in the world. With everything on the line, Adam must risk it all if he is going to redeem himself.

Burnt brings some levity to theaters which are already showing other great films such as The Last Witch Hunter, Suffragette, Bridge of Spies, and Goosebumps.
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You Can't Do This Alone

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Dr. Rosshilde: You can't do this alone. There's strength in needing others, not weakness.
Adam Jones: Should I be writing this down cause I don't have a crayon.

Adam speaks to Dr. Rosshilde about his efforts to create the best kitchen in the world. He's stubborn and doesn't want to admit that he cannot do it alone but perhaps that's the best way for him to learn.
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Pretend Your My Girlfriend

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Adam Jones: Do you have a nice dress? I gotta go to this party and you're the only girl that I know.
Adam Jones: Pretend you're my girlfriend.
Helene: If I was your girlfriend, you'd probably hold my arm.
Adam Jones: No, if you were my girlfriend, we would have got into an argument in the taxi. We wouldn't even be talking.

Adam enlists his chef de partie, Helene, to attend an industry dinner with him. She tries to give him some tips on how to treat a lady but, as usual, he has a different agenda.
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The Whole Thing Falls Apart

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Adam Jones: Michel will be my sous chef.
Tony: [in French] Michel is in Paris.
Adam Jones: Max is in.
Tony: Max is in jail.
Adam Jones: He's out in two days. Also, I found a chef de partie who doesn't know how good she is.
Tony: She? Right there the whole thing falls apart because in three days you will dump her and then she leaves with screams and tears.

In planning his great comeback, Adam breaks down who he'd like to have in his kitchen with him to Tony. While Adam's plans seem good, Tony is not as confident.
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Cooking is an Expression of Who We Are

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Adam Jones: Cooking is an expression of what? Tell me.
Helene: At it's best, of sustaining someone with love
Adam Jones: Adam Jones at Langham is now one of the most interesting places to eat.
Helene: What part of that don't you like, one of or interesting?
Adam Jones: I don't want my restaurant to be a place where you come and eat. We should be dealing in culinary orgasms. When's the last time you had an orgasm that was interesting?
Helene: Remind me never, ever to discuss food with you in public.
Adam Jones: People eat because they're hungry. I want to make food that makes people stop eating.
Helene: You're being stupid.
Adam Jones: Cooking is an expression of who we are and right now we're two stars, both of us. It's a two-star review. Now we can keep on cooking and be interesting but I want people to sit at that table and be sick with longing and I need you to do it with me.

While Helene makes pasta, Adam shares his vision for how he wants people to feel about his food. It's a cross between love and lust but either way, it sounds delicious.
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