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14 Ways Tim Burton's Batman Is Better Than The Dark Knight

Updated August 27, 2019 388.3k views14 items

Believe it or not, there are things in Tim Burton's Batman that are better than Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight movies. Burton's comic book blockbuster thundered into theaters in 1989 and set the bar for what a superhero film could be. When Nolan rebooted the Caped Crusader in 2005's Batman Begins, Burton's Batman was replaced in the hearts and minds of fans and critics alike. This list is meant to remind comic book die-hards and moviegoers that the 1989 Batman holds up against the likes of The Dark Knight Rises.

For a lot of people, Nolan's take on the character was more grounded, realistic and borrowed from famous story lines from the comic (something Burton admitted he avoided). It was the Batman that they had been waiting for. However, there is a unique charm to Batman and Batman Returns that is often overshadowed by Batman Begins and its sequels.

That is why fans could use a reminder of what made Tim Burton's Batman so great in the first place. From Prince to the Batmobile, enjoy this list of reasons Tim Burton's Batman is better than Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight films.
  • Danny Elfman's Score

    Think about Batman for a minute. Did the theme from Batman just play in your head? Danny Elfman composed the Batman song for the ages, one that Hans Zimmer's wall-of-sound scores in the Dark Knight Trilogy just can't match. Even at its most delirious highs, Zimmer and James Newton Howard's music pales in comparison to the charging, anthemic Batman score that articulates something essential about the character.
  • It Led to Batman: The Animated Series

    After the massive success of 1989's Batman and leading into Batman Returns, Warner Bros. wanted a Saturday morning cartoon that fit into the world established by the movies. Enter the now legendary Batman: The Animated Series. The show deserves a list of it's own for all its contributions to the Batman lore but odds are that if you are reading this list, the show's merits require no repetition.
  • Batplane

    Sure, the Bat from Dark Knight Rises is cool, but when compared to the Batplane from Batman, there is a clear winner. Once again, the design is simply more striking. Also, that scene where Batman flies it above the clouds and hangs over the moon for just one perfect moment? Soooooo good. 
  • Goons, Goons, Goons

    Yes, there was that awesome heist at the beginning of The Dark Knight, but those goons can't hold a candle to the thugs of Batman. There was sword guy, big bald guy, karate sunglasses guy, and Bob! Oh, Bob, you may be gone, but you'll never be forgotten.