The Best Old Man Bushy Beards in Pop Culture

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Vote up the bushiest and best burly beards in all of pop culture history.

Pop culture is awash with famous beards. From David Letterman's impressive post-Late Show scruff to notable beards sported by film and television characters, facial hair enthusiasts worldwide will find no shortage of fuzzy mugs across the media. But which beards reign supreme over all others? Here, you'll have a chance to decide! 

Famous celebrity beards range from impressive locks to downright funny facial hair. Nick Offerman, who introduced the world to man's man Ron Swanson, sports a dignified outdoorsy beard worthy of a woodworker turned actor. Jim Carrey's massive mangy beard, however, is something many find just a little ridiculous. There are also all those lovely fictional beards to consider. Would Gandalf and Dumbledore really look as wise and wonderful sans facial hair? Can you even imagine a Big Lebowski with a clean-shaven Dude? 

For some serious scruff, browse the list below and vote up the best beards!