25 People Shared Stories Of When The Customer Was Definitely Right

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The customer isn't always right, but these customers absolutely were. These stories from the subreddit r/TalesFromTheCustomer have us cringing at some pretty awful behavior on the part of restaurants, companies, and facilities. If you want your business to thrive, make sure you never do any of the things below.

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    Women Can't Understand Plumbing

    From Redditor u/daisy0723:

    I moved my family into a new house and the first night there I tried to rake a bath. My boys came running to the bathroom to tell me my bathwater was draining into the kitchen. After getting out and doing some investigating i discovered the overflow drain was not attached to any pipe. When I took the plate off i could see the light defuser over the kitchen light from the hole in the tub. The landlord was a nice man from my church who was giving me an awesome deal on the rent and i didn't want to rock the boat. So no baths for me. I replaced the useless drain cover and then taped plastic over it and we just took showers. Then a few months later the tub drain clogged so we had to ask the landlord to call a plumber. In comes this guy. An older guy who unclogged the drain, turns out a small child of the previous tenants had let a plastic necklass go down the drain and it collected enough to stop the water. The guy lectured me about not letting my kids have toys in the tub. I explained that i had boys and this was a little girls toy and not ours. He just shook his head and smiled. Then when i asked him if he could fix the overflow drain he took off the plate himself. The pipe was clearly not attached and you could see down into the kitchen. He said it was fine and replaced the cover. I watched him. He didn't attach anything and this guy, i kid you not, gave me that same stupid smile and told me, "You're a woman. You just don't understand how plumbing works." So i asked him, completely incredulous, "So the tub is supposed to drain into the kitchen?" He refused to believe me. I called the landlord after guy left and told him what happened. Landlord fired that guy and a new guy came the next week and actually fixed the drain. I may be a woman but i understood plumbing better than that guy. Thanks for reading.

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    The Bouncer Bounced Himself Out Of A Job

    From Redditor u/catroaring:

    This happened when I was in my early 20’s, though I did look younger, I was over 21. My girlfriend and I were at a coffeeshop that we went to a few nights a week. One of her friends shows up with her boyfriend who was 19 at the time. He had just gotten a fake ID. There was a bar next to the coffeeshop and he wanted to try it out, so I said I’d go with him. He shows his ID to the bouncer and he lets him in. I show my ID to the bouncer and he says, “this isn’t you, this is mine now”. Granted, I had long hair on my ID, but had chopped it all off. It was still obviously me if compared faces, my family has very distinctive eyes. I asked for it back, then told him I really didn’t care about going in as I wasn’t going to drink anyways. His response was “call the cops” with a smirk on his face thinking I wouldn’t out of fear of getting in trouble with a fake ID. Well, it’s not legal for a bouncer to confiscate a real government issued ID, even if it's not yours. This was also a busy shopping center, and there was always a cop walking around for security. So, I found the cop and reported the theft. We both walked over to the bar and the cop asks for the ID, he looks at it then hands it to me. The cop then looks at me and asks if I’d like to press charges. I say no, but the cop still proceeds to rip the guy a new one saying how lucky he is that I’m not pressing charges and confiscating a government ID is major crime (I think the cop was overly embellishing this). The cop honestly seemed more pissed than I was. I went back to coffee with my girlfriend and the cop went inside the bar, I’m assuming to speak to someone in charge, as I never saw that bouncer again at the place.

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    Traditionally, Meat Isn't Vegetarian


    My wife is vegetarian while I eat about everything. She isn't what I consider a "military vegetarian", she has no problem if her stuff gets prepared on the same grill and she even cooks meat, fish and so on for me.

    Sometimes we like to eat fast food and I would like to retell two encounters we had:

    Preparing the food takes a little longer since there are many people in the restaurant. Our number shows up to pick up. I go there, take the tray, the guy behind the counter tells me that he's sorry that it took that long, he put some bacon into our burgers to make up for it. I ask him: "You put bacon into the (made up product name to comply with the rule of anonymity) Vegetarian Lord?"

    Him: "Yes. Hope this makes up for your waiting."

    Me: "I'm sorry but I can't take the burger like that. It's not vegetarian anymore"

    After a bit back and forth they prepare a vegetarian vegetarian burger for us.

    Other restaurant, other story:

    We get our order, wife looks at her burger. She asks me if there's bacon on her bun. I look at it, I pick one of the little cublets and confirm that its bacon. When asked they explain to us that they ran out of buns and decided that it's a good idea to use buns with bacon on vegetarian burgers.

    While it's annoying when you don't have much time right now I think its rather funny. And confusing. Who works in the food industry without making the connection that bacon isn't vegetarian?

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    Can You Hear Me (Complaining) Now?

    From Redditor u/H_Arnold89:

    I’ll just start off by saying I work in retail myself and I know how nasty people can be. So to compensate I’m alway too nice for my own good when I’m the customer and very non-confrontational.

    I’ve been having problems with my mobile carrier for some time now. Let’s call them Captivity Mobile. I’m well within their network yet I never have any signal and when I do, all my calls get dropped. On top of that, lately I’ve been getting charged wildly different amounts each month. I go in the store and ask the rep about what might be causing both issues. She says my SIM card is quite old and that may be the cause of the connectivity issues, she never addresses the payment issue even after I ask again.

    I ask about replacing the SIM card and she said “no, you have to bring a parent with you”. I’m 20 (legal adult) and my parents have nothing to do with my phone plan, it’s under my name alone and gets paid for by a card under my name alone. I tell her this and she says I still have to bring a guardian.

    I leave and call customer service to ask what I can do to get a new SIM card, and why my payments are so out of balance. I inform them about the situation in the store when they told me to go back there. They respond with a simple “no, you’re lying”. Nope, definitely not lying. After asking why I was getting the run around when I just wanted a SIM card and an explanation for my bills I was told “if you don’t like it, you can switch to another carrier.”

    Today I’m going to do just that. Bye Captivity.