15 Frequent Business Travelers Share Their Wildest Experiences

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Are you flying for business for the first time and you don't know what to expect? Or just looking for some tips from frequent flyers and travelers? There are plenty of differences between traveling for pleasure and for work, the biggest one is that you are actually getting paid for it. So at least these work travel stories have that going for them! But no matter why you travel, you're still just as likely to come back with wild stories. Read on and vote up the wildest business travel stories.

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    Forgot To Return The Car Keys

    From Redditor u/slow_marathon:

    I was traveling from London to Philly for client meetings/workshops. On the last night we drive downtown, get a nice meal, find a bar that sells bourbon, which we know nothing about. Wake up 3 hours-ish before our flight leaves, knock on my colleague's hotel room and he is wearing a cheesesteak as a facemask. We get to the airport, the flight is delayed by 1/2 hour and we board without a problem. My colleague yells "f*ck!" very loudly 1/2 way over the Atlantic. We had forgotten to return the hire car and the car keys were in his laptop bag.

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    Flew To The Wrong Country And Racked Up Nine Thousand Dollars In Flights

    From Redditor u/Oilslave4money:

    Over in Scotland doing a multi-week assignment. I got a call and was told we have an emergency in Stavanger. So I catch a quick flight there as it's less than an hour away. Show up at the facility and discover my boss told me the wrong location. It wasn't Stavanger it was Singapore. I feel like a total idiot flying to the wrong country even though it wasn't my fault.

    Catch a flight to Singapore and show up at the facility. Turns out it's not that facility. It's the other one across town that I didn't even know existed. Drive over there and discover that between the time I flew from Norway to Singapore. They resolved the issue without me. I call my boss and he just says, "Meh, head back to Scotland." To which I catch a ride to the airport and fly back to Scotland.

    48 hours after leaving the Scotland office I walk in beyond jetlagged and exhausted. Thankfully, no one ever raised any eyebrows about the $9k worth of pointless flights.

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    Basically Reenacted The Plot Of 'Planes, Trains, and Automobiles'

    From Redditor u/phisco125:

    Ok here goes. I was staffed on a 10-week project in Saint Thomas island. We flew down from DC every week through a bunch of connecting flights but at some point United Airlines introduced a nonstop flight so on this particular week I flew down on that.

    The flight was delayed 2 hours, but we eventually get airborne. During the flight they announce that we are being diverted to JFK due to severe weather, and when we land, the United customer service desk informs me that there are no flights that will be going to DC for the rest of the evening.

    So, I book my managing director and I on the Amtrak from Penn Station to DC. she had never been on the subway before and was freaking out the entire time. We finally make it onto the Amtrak and I had bought a bunch of beers to drink on the train to go to sleep. My managing director wakes me up around 1 am and we are sitting in the station in Baltimore. She says we have been there for the last 45 minutes. 10 minutes later the conductor gets on the PA and says that the tunnel leading away from the station was flooded and there was no estimate of when it would be cleared. My managing director and I both just immediately get off and call Uber to go the 40 miles home.

    I think my flight was supposed to land at 4 pm, I eventually got home at 3 am the next morning. Quite literally “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”.

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    Left The Airport Just To Bring The Client His Dirty Underwear

    From Redditor u/vomita_conejitos:

    I was staying at the same hotel as the client, flying back and connecting through Miami (the client lived in Miami). They left on an earlier flight but called to tell me they left some things at the hotel and to ask me to bring them to Miami. I had to exit the terminal and go back through security just to give the client his dirty underwear.

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    Hotel Employees Barged Into The Room, And They Had To Fly Out Immediately

    From Redditor u/memostothefuture:

    Staying in a very nice hotel in Hong Kong when on the second day uncharacteristically energetic knocks on my door are heard. I am just emerging from the shower and ask them to wait for a moment but voices from outside insist loudly that I open up immediately. with nothing but a towel on I comply and the room is immediately stormed by four security personal, followed by a very serious-looking hotel employee. they head to the minibar and upon checking something I hear them say "this is not it." only then does their mood lighten. the hotel employee, apparently remembering where he works, snaps back into the expected quiet persona and begins to apologize that there was a very serious incident and that they are worried about the well-being of the guests and have to act. within two minutes they have all left and a few breaths later I hear commotion from above, suggesting to me the same show is now being performed there. I walk to my large window, open it and look down. Police are surrounding an obviously damaged taxi but before I can figure out what exactly is going on there I'm getting a call. our flight has been changed and we're checking out now. meet in the lobby in five.

    turns out the bosses boss boss had flown into a drunken rage after having been kicked out by the hotel bar. he had stormed into his hotel room, ripped out the fridge door and thrown it out of his window from where it landed on the taxi.

    we all were on a flight four hours later. I have no idea how this all got settled.

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    Flew Halfway Across The World To Be Turned Away

    From Redditor u/Blempglorf:

    Doing implementation work. I did a site visit with a client in Abu Dhabi, to begin on a Sunday morning. The Wednesday prior, I confirmed with the client that the people I'd be there working with, and the hardware resources would be in place on Sunday.

    I flew from the US to Dubai that evening, arriving in the early evening Thursday. I spent the weekend de-jet lagging in Dubai, and then drove to Abu Dhabi first thing Sunday morning. I arrived at the customer's office just before 8 as planned, and checked in with the receptionist.

    And then I waited. And waited. And waited some more. By 8:45, there was still no sign of the customer. I emailed the customer from the waiting room, and still nothing.

    At 9:15 someone from a partner company asked me to come downstairs with him for a cup of coffee. He then informed me that the customer, despite our call and email the previous Wednesday morning, not only had arranged no hardware to be set up but also neglected to mention that they would be on vacation that entire week. They wanted to know if I could come back the next week. Uhhhh - NO.

    So that's how I flew halfway across the world to be turned away in a client's waiting room.