This Guy Rambles Around Los Angeles In Colorful And Captivating Skeleton Suits, And It's Scary Cool

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Colorful skeletons trapeze down train tracks, adorn themselves in bilious flurries of smoke, and pour into the streets of Los Angeles. The colorful art of Butch Locsin is perfectly captured through a collection of stunning photography and video, bundled into a neat collection on his Instagram. The very best Butch Locsin skeleton pictures portray a vibrant display of talented design skills and pure artistic vision, sending shivers down the spines of anyone who enjoys a heavy dose of spookily beautiful aesthetics. 

Running rampant with the idea of vivid photography and smoky skeleton cosplay, the crew of spooksters from Locsin's imagination comes together in a haunting celebration of life and death, a syncretic mash of Halloween traditions from around the world that's an ultimately radiant array of culture and style. The chilling skeletons gathered in this amazing artist's collection are hallowed harlequins of eerie beauty.