This Makeup Artist Uses Real Bugs For Her Eyeshadow Looks

Makeup inspiration can come from anywhere - especially from the master of breathtaking beauty herself, Mother Nature. Makeup artists have long been inspired by the colors, textures, and shapes found in nature, in ways as minor as using earth-toned shadows to create the perfect smoky eye and in ways as major as these floral eye makeup looks

The latest makeup artist to pay homage to natural beauty is an Instagram artist known as Butterfly Jasmine (or @butterflyjasmine49). As part of her Insect Eye Art Series, which she started showing in November 2017, Jasmine creates amazing insect eyeshadow looks featuring real (dead) insects, arachnids, and arthropods. 

In using real bugs as makeup, Jasmine wants “to show how incredible all these creatures are.” She says, “I also love learning new things, doing research on all of these [bugs] surely taught me a thing or two and now I have even more appreciation for them.” 

Jasmine is also quick to point out that her makeup bugs were all sustainably sourced; most of the creatures - which range from bumble bees to beetles to moths and even scorpions - were found in her own backyard, and were already dead at the time. Some of the insects were ordered online, but Jasmine made sure to only order from vendors who don’t intentionally kill the bugs they sell. Of her choice, Jasmine says, “I would NEVER harm any living creature for the sake of art.”

This Instagram bug makeup is not your average makeup, for sure, but that’s exactly what makes it so beautiful. Feast your eyes on these sometimes-creepy, always-gorgeous images from the Butterfly Jasmine Instagram page and get inspired. And don't forget to follow Jasmine on Instagram here!