These Makeup Artists Are Creating Insanely Extra Butterfly Looks  

Jessica L. Yarbrough
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You know what they say: “Glam like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Or, at least that’s what these makeup artists are saying! Butterfly makeup looks have been taking flight lately, and you’re about to become obsessed. 

Butterfly makeup is surprisingly versatile. Sure, there are some over-the-top takes that are more extra than everyday-appropriate, but you’ll be shocked at how wearable butterfly-inspired makeup can be! Chic “winged” eyeliner and monarch-inspired shadow prove that all makeup that looks like a butterfly doesn't have to be so literal. Whether you are looking for a new spring-inspired look or simply to add a little more color to your eye makeup routine, these gorgeous butterfly looks are sure to inspire. 

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These Colors And Patterns Are Absolutely Mesmerizing

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Mother Nature Provides The Best Inspiration

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It's Hard To Believe The Butterfly Isn't Real


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Can You Believe This Look Is 100% Makeup?!

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