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By the Sea movie quotes follow one couple who travels on a seaside vacation to work out personal demons in an attempt to save their marriage. The romantic drama was written and directed by Angelina Jolie Pitt. Co-starring her real-life husband Brad Pitt, in their first film together since 2005, By the Sea opened in theaters on November 13, 2015.

In By the Sea, it's the 1970s and husband Roland (Brad Pitt) and wife Vanessa (Angelina Jolie Pitt) travel to France for a vacation in a last-ditch attempt to fix their marriage. Vanessa, who is struggling to deal with grief, spends her days overmedicating and staring off into space while Roland struggles to get Vanessa to deal with her issues so they can move forward together as man and wife.

On their vacation, the couple encounters a number of others who too have different relationships with grief. Barkeep Michel (Niels Arestrup) has an intimate relationship with the emotion while young couple François (Melvil Poupaud) and Lea (Mélanie Laurent) are blissfully inexperienced with the feeling, and it shows. Together, Roland and Vanessa's interactions with all of these characters impact them, and their mission of saving their marriage, in ways they didn't know was possible.

By The Sea was just one of several great fall 2015 movies in theaters when it opened alongside Trumbo, Spotlight, The Peanuts Movie, and Spectre.
Are We Ever Going to Talk About It?
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Roland: Are we ever going to talk about it? 'Nessa, do you hate me?
Vanessa: You know my reason.
Roland: You want to hurt me?
Vanessa: You're nothing.
Roland: Hurt me. Come on!

Breaking the silence, Roland tries to get Vanessa to deal with her feelings in whatever manner she needs to. He urges her to hurt him, if she needs to, but she's not sure what she needs.
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If You Really Love Someone
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Michel: If you really love someone, you want more for them than you want for yourself. Do you understand?

Michel offers Roland some simple, yet highly effective, insight into love. When you can be truly selfless, that is true love.
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I'm Blowing You a Kiss
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Roland: I'm blowing you a kiss!
Vanessa: I'm blowing you one back!

Roland and Vanessa play house well. They travel together, live together, blow kisses, the whole bit. But their show isn't fooling anyone, themselves included.
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We Could Be Happy
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Roland: We could be happy, you know.

To Roland, happiness is something they could choose to have. To Vanessa, this involves much more work than a simple decision.
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