Graveyard Shift

Welcome To Byberry, The Nightmarish Philadelphia Mental Hospital Of Death And Despair

Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry was reportedly a horrific institution with many allegations of improper behavior over the years. The hospital was created as a mental health facility and admitted a variety of patients with various mental and physical disorders. The incidents and allegations against Byberry Hospital only multiplied as the years progressed. 

Murder, rape, child abuse, overcrowding, and tales of naked and excrement-covered patients wandering the hallways were among the appalling crimes committed at Byberry Hospital in the almost 60 years it was open. Additionally, a corporation conducted experiments on patients knowing they would never have to answer for the crime.

By the time the hospital was shut down in 1988, Byberry Mental Hospital was a human cesspit of despair. Though many mental asylums founded in the early 20th century were eventually found to be deplorable in their methods and inhumane treatment, Byberry may just take the cake as the most horrifying of these "medical" establishments.