Unspeakable Crimes This Man Recorded Himself Killing Two Teens And You Can Hear The Enjoyment In His Voice  

Rebecca High

On the surface, Byron David Smith's killing of two teens who were breaking and entering his home seemed like self defense. This video includes audio from the crime scene, however, and listening to it, you might find the case is more sinister than you guessed. And it was Smith's own surveillance equipment that captured the sounds.

Retired US State Department security engineering officer Smith experienced a series of break-ins and burglaries at his home in Minnesota throughout 2012, and had evidence to believe it was a teen duo who was behind all or most of them. When the teens showed up on Thanksgiving Day 2012, Smith was armed and waiting for them.

WARNING: Around the 2:15 mark, you can hear raw audio recorded from the murder scene. It's horrific, and only adds an extra layer to the tragedy. After shooting the teens multiple times, Smith didn't report the break-in — or the bodies — until the following day.

Minnesota observes Castle Law, in which Smith would be justified for his first shots, but not for the subsequent shots and taunts heard in the audio recording. Some chilling evidence also suggests Smith deliberately lured the teens into his home that Thanksgiving. Watch this video and, if you can stomach it, wait for the killer's chilling whispered statements at the end, captured moments after he killed two people.