accidents Remarkable Footage Of People Fipping Over A Burning Car And Rescuing Trapped Man  

Mick Jacobs

Sometimes the greatest heroes in life are not doctors or firefighters, but the same old average Joes you see everyday. In the video below, a group of those very same average Joes manage to save a man's life in dramatic fashion.

After a car loses control and ends up on its side in a parking lot, the driver remains trapped inside. The vehicle then catches on fire, meaning the driver needs to get out and fast.

Thankfully, a few nearby good Samaritans think very quickly about how to save the driver. Gathering themselves together, they manage to get the car upright and pull the driver from the wreck.

Watch the video to see this act of heroism committed by a couple of regular people. If only everyone was this quick-thinking or, at the very least, this eager to help out.