Total Nerd C-3PO Is The Most Important Member Of The Rebellion, And We Can Prove It  

Mick Jacobs

When it comes to robots in the Star Wars universe, C-3PO usually falls at the bottom of everyone's rankings. R2-D2 and even newcomer BB-8 get better press than Threepio, but the theory laid out in the video below suggests he might be far more important than fans realize.

Some of you might think this theory just goes out of its way to save C-3PO from basically being the robotic equivalent of Jar-Jar Binks. Though he may annoy viewers just like the infamous Gungan, C-3PO at least proves himself useful.

Now, one fan might even manage to prove to you C-3PO is actually far more important than the franchise lets on. "I am C-3PO, human-cyborg relations," is how he introduces himself, and that statement alone contains a few subtle clues as to what role he really plays.

Watch the video below to learn why C-3PO plays a bigger role than you ever realized. The next time you see him on the big screen, you might find your heart soften for C-3PO just a little bit.