The Scariest Cabin Horror Movies

Cabins are creepy enough as it is with their proximity to hungry bears and biting bugs, but add an axe-wielding murderer to the mix and they are downright terrifying. The top cabin horror movies feature teenagers looking for a vacation and instead finding a deadly destination. This is a list of the top horror movies in the middle of nowhere featuring everything from Friday the 13th to The Cabin in the Woods to I Spit on Your Grave.

What films will you find on this list of the top scary movies set in cabins? You might rank The Evil Dead near the top. Sam Raimi became a director synonymous with horror after he released this film – featuring college friends, a deserted cabin, and a few awoken demons – in 1981. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is another one of the all-time best movies set in a creepy cabin in the middle of nowhere. The Duplass Brothers gave the horror genre a mumblecore twist with their cabin-set film Baghead. Other good movies featured on this top scary cabin films list include Pumpkinhead, The Last House on the Left, and Secret Window.

Which creepy cabin movie do you think deserves the top spot on this list? Give your favorites a thumbs up to move them towards the top, and add any great scary flicks that are missing.

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