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12 Fan Theories About 'The Cabin in the Woods' That Could Anger The Ancient Ones

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The Cabin in the Woods was a box office success and it's fan base (much like the facility in the movie itself) is cult-like. Drew Goddard's self-aware horror-comedy is filled with twists, turns, gore, laughs, and even some heady commentary on the entire horror genre itself. It's no wonder that so many incredible fan theories have emerged from this beloved movie. For example, what's the deal with that big red button that releases all the monsters? Is that what it's meant to do, or was there perhaps a glitch of some kind? Also, while the primary plot revolves around the planned sacrifice of some college students, have you ever noticed that there's an analagous storyline happening within the facility? And what's Signourney Weaver's deal? Who is the Director, and why does she show up?

If you're part of the cult of The Cabin in the Woods and want to learn about these fan theories and more, look no further. Find your favorite fan theories about The Cabin in the Woods on the list and give them a vote up!

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  • 5. A New Cult Group At Play

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    According to Redditor /u/ForNoRaeson, it sure seems like a lot of things had to go wrong for things at the end of The Cabin in the Woods to go, well, so horribly wrong. This theorist proposes that there is actually a larger group pulling strings at the facility to ensure their ritual goes haywire, thus provoking the Ancient Ones to emerge and bring on Armageddon. If you look at the facts, it does seem there might be some foul play from the outside. The bridge doesn't collapse when it's supposed to. A bunch of Japanese schoolgirls manage to thwart the efforts of a Ring-esque ghoul. Heck, to that end, every country on Earth fails! The only way this could be, the Redditor says, is a cabal of some kind made it happen.

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  • 6. Sigourney Weaver's Significance

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    In a rather meta take on CITW lore, Redditor /u/nope_cubed brings in a theory that questions who the Director (Sigourney Weaver) is, and why she makes a brief appearance at the end of the movie at all. To start, the Redditor points out that the film is a commentary on the tropes of the horror genre, using archetypes and gimmicks that many would consider hackneyed, but putting a twist on them. One such trope is shoehorning in an A-list celebrity at the last second to try and up the movie's perceived value and maybe pull a disinterested audience back in. Well, that's exactly what Weaver does in this film, both in her character role as the Director and her real-life status as an A-list actor. Pretty heady stuff, especially for a character that ends up taking an axe to the head.

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  • 7. Curt Is In On The Sacrifice

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    The Cabin in the Woods is wrought with layers of deception as is, but in this theory from Redditor /u/NinjaBreadMan00, we learn that the lies may have been coming from within the cabin-bound crew. The Redditor posits that Curt has been on the inside of the gruesome plan from the facility since the start. He's the one who suggests they visit his cousin's cabin (even though he may not even have a cousin, as per a line at the end of the movie). He always drives the vehicles. He makes most of the decisions for the group, including leading Jules out into the open to be the first sacrifice. What Curt doesn't know, however, is that his motorbike jump is going to end in a violent, tumbling death. He thinks he's the hero of the story, so he is meant to ride off to get help. Unfortuantely for him, that's just what the powers-that-be wanted him to think.

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  • 8. The Cabin And The Facility Are Parallel Storylines

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    If you think about it, the students in The Cabin in the Woods aren't the only ones going through a ritual; the people in the facility are, as well. As pointed out by Redditor /u/Mynock33, Hadley and Sitterson are warned early on that something seems off with the way things are unfolding, which they dismiss as crazy. We also know that the victims of the ritual are meant to choose their slayer. The cabin crew ends up selecting the Buckner family. The employees at the facility, however, choose every monster. They do so by making their picks in the betting pool, and while Sitterson technically "wins," he and everyone at the facility end up losing in a big way.

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