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12 Fan Theories About 'The Cabin in the Woods' That Could Anger The Ancient Ones

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The Cabin in the Woods was a box office success and it's fan base (much like the facility in the movie itself) is cult-like. Drew Goddard's self-aware horror-comedy is filled with twists, turns, gore, laughs, and even some heady commentary on the entire horror genre itself. It's no wonder that so many incredible fan theories have emerged from this beloved movie. For example, what's the deal with that big red button that releases all the monsters? Is that what it's meant to do, or was there perhaps a glitch of some kind? Also, while the primary plot revolves around the planned sacrifice of some college students, have you ever noticed that there's an analagous storyline happening within the facility? And what's Signourney Weaver's deal? Who is the Director, and why does she show up?

If you're part of the cult of The Cabin in the Woods and want to learn about these fan theories and more, look no further. Find your favorite fan theories about The Cabin in the Woods on the list and give them a vote up!

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    'This Is The End' Is A Sequel To 'The Cabin in the Woods'

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    Is it possible that This Is The End - the 2013 comedy starring basically every notable comedian at the time - is a direct squel to The Cabin in the Woods? In the mind of Redditor /u/abefroman69: absolutely. The Redditor points out that the only real look we get at the giant Ancient Ones is an enormous hand bursting out from underground, which at least gives us a sense of their scale. That arm seems like it would fit pretty well on the monstrosities that terrorize Jay Baruchel and friends in This Is The End, right? If this is true, at least we know there will be a few laughs once the Ancient Ones rise.

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    The Red Button Is A Monster

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    In a theory that takes both a literal and metaphorical approach, Redditor /u/voe111 suggests that the red "Purge" button Dana hits at the end isn't just a release valve for all the montsers, but an actual monster itself. The facility engineers are warned by Mordecai that a ritual is coming for them, as well, and we know that part of that process is the unwitting participants choosing their own slayer. By pushing Dana to the brink and allowing her to enter the facility, they have "chosen" the red button - their own personal monster.

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    The Facility Is Part Of The SCP Foundation

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    Redditor /u/3zekiel has a theory that ties CITW to a "real-life" organization that deals with the paranormal. If you're not familiar, the SCP Foundation (Secure, Contain, Protect) is a fictional online government agency that monitors all things strange, from supernatural beings to secret science and engineering. It's a nerds playground for would-be conspiracies, and the Redditor believes it serves as the inspiration for the film's secret facility. Truth be told, if the SCP were a real agency it might actually look and operate a lot like the version in the movie!

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    'Bad Times at the El Royal' Is A Prequel To 'The Cabin in the Woods'

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    According to Redditor /u/PucaFilms, the very same ritualistic sacrifice taking place in The Cabin in the Woods is being enacted in Bad Times at the El Royale, but in the year 1969. The Redditor takes time to address a number of things the two worlds have in common, starting with the premise that the characters are drawn to a specific, secluded location. Once there, they learn that they are being surveilled, and that the places have hidden one-way mirrors. Knowing this, it seems possible that Bad Times at the El Royale could be a blood ritual carried out by the facility some forty years before the events in The Cabin in the Woods and both movies have Chris Hemsworth!

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