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12 Fan Theories About 'The Cabin in the Woods' That Could Anger The Ancient Ones

The Cabin in the Woods was a box office success and it's fan base (much like the facility in the movie itself) is cult-like. Drew Goddard's self-aware horror-comedy is filled with twists, turns, gore, laughs, and even some heady commentary on the entire horror genre itself. It's no wonder that so many incredible fan theories have emerged from this beloved movie. For example, what's the deal with that big red button that releases all the monsters? Is that what it's meant to do, or was there perhaps a glitch of some kind? Also, while the primary plot revolves around the planned sacrifice of some college students, have you ever noticed that there's an analagous storyline happening within the facility? And what's Signourney Weaver's deal? Who is the Director, and why does she show up?

If you're part of the cult of The Cabin in the Woods and want to learn about these fan theories and more, look no further. Find your favorite fan theories about The Cabin in the Woods on the list and give them a vote up!

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    The Archetypes Are Misleading

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    In what might be considered more of a deconstruction of plot and symbolism than an outright theory, Redditor /u/Grievus breaks down how the archetypes assigned to each of the five main characters are actually incorrect. By going through each character and providing detailed reasoning, the Redditor shows (for example) that Marty was never meant to be the Fool, but rather the Virgin. This assesment helps explain why he was able to survive as long as he did, as the Virgin is often the last character standing and is considered an "optional" kill. And if you don't believe the theorist, then just listen to Marty himself: "We are not who we are."

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    The Big Red Button Glitched

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    "Think about it." That's how Redditor /u/Ragnrok opens up their theory on the big red "Purge" button, and when you do "think about it," it makes a lot of sense. This theory simply states that the button Dana hits isn't meant to release all the monsters into the facility, because why on Earth would such a mechanism exist?! The button must have glitched or been tampered with, because otherwise we'd have to believe that the secretive agency installed a button that anyone can access, and when pushed releases killer monsters into the elevator foyer without warning. Not a great design choice.

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    'The Cabin in the Woods' Is A Sequel To 'The Evil Dead'

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    Fans of both CITW and The Evil Dead will tell you there are no shortage of similarites between the two. Five teens fighting off monsters in a cabin... in the woods. Discovering old relics. Reading from a cursed book that awakens the dead. This list goes on. In a theory brought to us from Redditor /u/The_Jackkle, though, their connection goes even deeper. CITW is actually a sequel to The Evil Dead, the key difference being that in the former the audience gets to see things from the persepective of the facility. When it's Ash and company in the original, all we get is the scary cabin POV. The Redditor also points out that when the crew is taking bets at the facility, one ghoul available to bet on is "Angry Molesting Tree," which is most definitely featured in The Evil Dead.

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    The Buckners Aren't Normal Zombies

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    It's not often that the world of fan theories touches on heavy social issues like prejudice, but this one from Redditor /u/callmesurely does just that by taking a bold stance for some of most misunderstood characters in The Cabin in the Woods - the Buckners. While on the surface they appear to be your run-of-the-mill killer zombies, the Redditor points out that they are actually much more nuanced. They're a pain-obsessed redneck zombie family, and Sitterson even refers to them as an entirely different species when referencing the betting draft board. Furthermore, Patience Buckner might be the most misunderstood of them all. She doesn't even seem to like torture and killing (per her diary), and the only person she kills is the Director, who was attacking Marty.

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