19 Reasons Why Cable TV Is Awful

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Ever wonder if cable TV has always been a train wreck? Or has the modern age of television simply spoiled us into thinking so? Has customer service always been this shitty, or is Netflix to blame? Are drastic price changes a new fad, or was it foreshadowing the days of Amazon Prime? These are mysteries the world may never solve, but that doesn't mean we can't have a calm, rational discussion about why cable TV sucks so hard these days. No matter what cable company you belong to, something tells us that you’ll be able to relate to this collection of cable TV fails.

Next time you shudder at the thought of waiting on hold for an hour, only to be asked to repeat your information one more time, feel free to fuel your righteous indignation here! Below, you’ll find a group of cartoon characters, celebrities, and other cable customers as pissed off as you are at cable TV and its constant tendency to be terrible. Don't worry; you're not alone in your frustrations.

Whether you just can’t figure out what your cable company could possibly be doing while you’re on hold for two hours, or you just got the fun surprise of another overpriced bill, you’ve come to the right place! May these cable TV jokes and snarky memes fuel your resilience to fight another day.  

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