unspeakable crimes Calgary House Trashed After An Airbnb Sex Party Took Things Too Far  

Mick Jacobs

When you sign your home up for Airbnb, you do so with the knowledge that some guests will leave bigger messes than others. However, the Calgary homeowners in the video below definitely never expected to house the worst guests of all time.

Imagine Mark and Star King's surprise when they returned home to find it in the aftermath of a "drug-induced orgy." To give you an idea of the shape of the house, the video opens with a police officers already surveying the damage.

As the camera makes its way through the house, it shows not a single room left untouched by the madness, with garbage, stains, and overturned objects littering the floors, shelves, and sinks.

According to one family member, the video "is only scratching the surface of what they found." After you watch the video below, you may never want to let anyone, even your own friends, into your home again.