Every Single Time California Went Completely Against Trump

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Vote up the boldest, biggest moves California has made that directly oppose the policies of the Trump administration.

The policies enacted within the first year of the Trump administration have effectively dismantled everything positive created during the halcyon days of the Obama era. But while the federal government has sought to exert a tight grip on the American people, there has been a slew of 2017 California policy changes attempting to counteract the harsh changes of the new administration. In his first few months in office, Trump threatened to defund California based on the state's desire to act as a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants...which quickly turned into a Trump vs. California hot-button issue that is now routine. “California is not looking to pick a fight,” state attorney general Xavier Becerra has said. “But if Trump is trying to get in our way, that’s when we go at it.”

California opposing federal policy feels like an ironic twist on the Republican war cry of “small” government. A president who ran on the ideals of the GOP has, in his first year in office, used his executive power to sign sweeping federal laws into being. But one of his main obstacles has turned out to be California. The state has continuously legislated and litigated against Trump during his first year, effectively stalling many federal decrees in their tracks, or at least, locking them in legal purgatory. Despite time-consuming processes, California continues to oppose Trump at every turn. While protests, marches, and rallies have been a large part of the resistance to the Trump administration in 2017, this list is specifically about the legislative action that California has been enacting to oppose Donald Trump’s Presidency. Vote up the biggest moves the "best coast" state has enacted in opposition to Trump.