Narco Nuns: Sisters Make Oil And Soap From Cannabis Believing It Is A "Gift From God"

The Sisters of the Valley are a group of self-ordained nuns whose order was founded in 2014. They're not ordinary monastics, though. These nuns love weed. Headed by 58-year-old Sister Kate, the order is headquartered in California's Central Valley, where their mini weed empire is flourishing. Their bent is more spiritual than religious and more compassionate than punitive. The sisters are running a successful business and extolling the virtues of marijuana, all while living in a community of shared sisterhood.

It all started when Sister Kate moved from Wisconsin to California in 2009. She and her brother started a marijuana collective called Caregrowers but over time, she was drawn to create types of marijuana that could give users the same health benefits without smoking. After working with other women in the collective, Sister Kate found the need to create her order.