Weird Nature This Cameraman Took A Direct Hit While Filming A Massive Flood  

Mick Jacobs

Winter 2018 hammered many states with subzero temperatures and biting cold, but the storms brought another hazard to Massachusetts: floodwater. In the video below, a cameraman braves the elements to capture seawater as it pours into the seaside town of Marblehead.

At a time when people usually concern themselves with shoveling ice off their sidewalks, imagine their surprise seeing endless torrents of liquid water instead. The camera captures the water as it pours into the town, wave after wave slamming into buildings and streets alike.

Watching this wall of water pummel a landscape still covered in snowmakes for a surreal viewing experience. Hopefully, the cameraman made sure to bundle up appropriately for his outing.

Watch water engulf the wintry New England streets in the video below. This footage goes to show that one should always expect the unexpected.