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2016 Campaign Trails You Would Not Want to Be On

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List RulesUpvote the politicians who you think have the most insufferable campaign trails, that you're glad to not be a part of.

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The 2016 US presidential election season is already underway - that year and a half long grueling process of American politics - but which are the least likable candidates, whose campaign trail seems like it'd be the worst to be a part of? Campaign trails are a unique animal. No two are alike, and each candidate and campaign staff has a different way of working with their potential constituents, press, and the American populous. This list has all the major candidates running for president in 2016, waiting for you to sound off on which of these politicians would be the most annoying to be on the campaign trail with.

Whether having to listen to some high strung politician's views on a specific issue for the upteenth time, or dealing with a diva of a candidate's weird needs, or the campaign manager's ridiculous, annoying demands, sometimes campaign trails just aren't what you were prepared for. So take a look and vote on the last campaign you'd definitely not want to be stuck on!

No matter if you're stuck with uptight politicians or having to deal with someone's far from popular opinions, there's bound to be someone on this list that you just absolutely can't stand! Take a look at these politicians and upvote those you think are the least likable.
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