Weirdly Interesting This Video Finally Explains How Long It Really Takes To Digest Gum  

Mick Jacobs

The video below finally answers a question that bugged you throughout your childhood: can the human body digest gum, and if so, how long does that take? Is it really seven years?

From very young ages, people are warned of the dangers of swallowing gum, usually that it will stick inside you for over five years. According to experts, thankfully, the seven-year rumor is just that - a rumor.

That being said, though the human body eventually expels swallowed gum, the process takes a little more time. Furthermore, if you swallow too much gum, you might find yourself experiencing a bit of discomfort.

Long story short, while swallowing gum won't kill you, it isn't good for you either, despite what former press secretary Sean Spicer might tell you. Watch the video to get the news from a source you can actually trust.