14 Heartwarming Posts From Canadians That Made Us Smile

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For being covered in snow and stuck with freezing temperatures for most of the year, Canada somehow manages to be the most wholesome country in the world. I'm not sure if it's the poutine or the picturesque scenery, but the people of Canada always know how to say the right thing. Check out r/mademesmile for more heartwarming posts.

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  • 1. Father Son Pilots, Eh

    Father Son Pilots, Eh
    Photo: u/gangb*ngkang / Reddit
    159 votes
  • 2. Canadian Vandalism, Eh

    Canadian Vandalism, Eh
    Photo: u/Philipimade / Reddit
    158 votes
  • 3. We Appreciate You, Eh

    We Appreciate You, Eh
    Photo: u/Imabiteyourpeaches / Reddit
    119 votes
  • 4. Canadian Socially Distanced Gathering, Eh

    Canadian Socially Distanced Gathering, Eh
    Photo: u/lissagirl147 / Reddit
    118 votes
  • 5. Canadians In Cars Being Nice, Eh

    Canadians In Cars Being Nice, Eh
    Photo: u/Rynabb / Reddit
    102 votes
  • 6. Canadian Parking Ticket, Eh?

    Canadian Parking Ticket, Eh?
    Photo: u/slendir69 / Reddit
    105 votes