Weird Nature This Lawn Won't Mow Itself – Pic Of Fearless Canadian During Tornado Goes Viral  

Kate Jacobson
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We've all been there: Your mom, dad, or significant other is dogging you to do some basic household chores. And we've all used some pretty terrible excuses. But one Canadian hero who had the ultimate get-out-of-chores-free card – a barreling tornado – declined to use it. Because damn it; this lawn isn't going to mow itself.

Theunis Wessels, of Alberta, Canada, wasn't going to let the impending doom of a tornado literally in his backyard stop him from doing his thing in June 2017. According to his wife, who snapped the photo of a calm, cool, collected Wessels gettin' after his yard work, he couldn't care less about the fact that he was inches (okay, a mile) from death. 

This Canadian lawn-mowing-in-the-face-of-a-tornado hero can teach us all a thing or two. Sometimes, when a tornado is hurling your way (figuratively), you should just keep mowing your lawn. Or something.

Theunis Wessels Knew A Tornado Was Behind Him, But Did He Care?? No.

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Photo: Cecilia Wessels/via Reddit

Everyone knows Canada is amazing. It's got Justin Trudeau, Degrassi: The Next Generation, and poutine (if you haven't tried it, have you even lived?). The latest legend to come out of our neighbor to the north is Theunis Wessels. 

According to his wife Cecilia, Theunis Wessels was doing his afternoon housework when the storm started to brew. She woke up from a nap to discover the bad storm had produced a full-blown tornado just 1.25 miles from their home in Three Hills, Alberta. Their nine-year-old daughter said she tried to get her father to come inside, but he insisted the storm would just blow over.

"He said, 'everything is okay,' and he looked calm and in control," Cecilia Wessels told the BBC. Theunis Wessels himself told CBC News he "was keeping an eye on it." 

But Really, If You See A Tornado, You Should Probably Take Cover

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Photo: NOAA Photo Library/flickr/CC-BY 2.0

Cecilia Wessels said her husband had some storm chasing experience and was familiar with tornadoes. The storm moved east from behind their house and broke up within a matter of minutes. No one was harmed. 

Despite this, most experts say that if you see a tornado coming your way, it's probably best to take cover in a grounded building or a sturdy structure. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, people should seek cover in a basement, tornado shelter, or a windowless room in the center of the building, like a closet or a bathroom. You should then crouch down, cover your head, and grab any sort of padded material to place around your body – like a mattress.

The Wessels Fam Is Now Internationally Known (On The Internet)

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Since posting the picture to her Facebook page, Cecilia Wessels's image of her husband has gone viral. It's been shared thousands of times, and people on the Internet are clamoring to be friends with the couple via social media, Cecilia Wessels said. Guess that's what happens when you're a BAMF with a to-do list.