18 Comic Book Characters From Canada

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Canada, land of maple syrup, Mounties, the other side of Niagara Falls, and superheroes. Yep, this is a list of Canadian superheroes. The Great White North isn't as densely populated with comic book characters as, say, New York City, but there are plenty of superheroes and villains from Canada. Unlike Captain Canuck, they didn't all stay there, but none can deny their heritage.

Canadian comic book characters are in many of your favorite books. In fact, some of your favorite heroes might be Canucks (not all are as vocal about it as Wolverine). DC, Marvel, and even indie comics have made sure to include our neighbor to the north with maple flavored origin stories. One of the most recurring teams in the X-Men Universe, Alpha Flight, is staunchly and exclusively Canadian.

This C
anadian superhero list honors those proud characters who hail from any of the provinces. So now's the time, and it's up to you. Vote up your favorite Canadian superheroes and super villains and let's so who is the victor!