Cancelled Comedians Everyone Loves To Hate

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Who are the most hated comedians? Anyone who's ever tried to go up on stage knows that the best stand-up comedians don't have an easy job. You have to be witty, charming and most importantly funny. However there are some annoying comedians who are not any of those things, causing them to be hated by the masses. Whether it's because they're known for stealing material, they're hacks, they're just plain unlikable comedians, or they have sordid histories of misconduct and abuse, these cancelled comics are notorious for not being liked both in the comedy community and by the general public. Who are the most unlikable comedians? Which cancelled comedians do you abhor the most? 

A lot of people don't like Carlos Mencia after he was outed as a joke thief by Joe Rogan. Although, the heat has died down after all these years, no one respects an unoriginal hack. People also hate on Larry the Cable Guy all the time, but what's wrong with a dumb, funny redneck? Maybe it's the fact that he's not really a redneck and that his whole southern persona is completely phony that lands him on this cancelled comedians list.  In recent years, a number of cancelled comedians have been outed for deplorable behavior, such as Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, Chris D'Elia, and T.J. Miller. Sexual misconduct, domestic allegations, and far-right opinion propagandizing are often modern culprits for comedians getting cancelled right now.

Vote up the least funny, most annoying comedians, and help decide which cancelled stand up comedian deserves to be hated most.


  • Carlos Mencia
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    Ever since Joe Rogan exposed Carlos as a joke thief, he's become public enemy #1 in the comedy universe. When you've been caught stealing material and exposed as a "phony Mexican," you know you've got a long road ahead of you if you want to turn people around. Oh, and did I mention his real name is Ned? 
  • Kathy Griffin
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    Although she is a very successful comic, people can't help but find Kathy Griffin annoying. It could be her voice, it could be her style of delivery, but whatever it is it's enough to get her on this list. 
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    Dane Cook
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    I'd like to preface this one by saying that older Dane Cook material is actually quite funny. Dane's 2006 "Retaliation" comedy album went platinum, making it the best-selling comedy record of the last 30 years. HOWEVER, those accomplishments don't prevent him from being hated by almost everyone in the world. Maybe it's his annoying delivery of sophomoric material, or maybe guys just hate how much their girlfriends were into Dane at one point.

    Better yet, it might be because Dane was accused of lifting some of Louis CK's material, a subject that Louis turned into an episode of his hit show.  

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    Dat Phan
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    Dat Phan is the original winner of NBC's "Last Comic Standing," which is ironic because he's one of the hackiest comics on the planet. All Phan talks about is being Vietnamese, making him the definition of a one-trick pony. If you want to see what other comics think of Dat, then check out the video above.  There are good clean comedians, and then there are cornballs like Dat Phan.
  • Brendan Schaub
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    On the January 30 episode of Big Brown Breakdown, Schaub generated controversy when he suggested that the UFC On Fox panel of presenters had been selected based on race for the sake of diversity. "Sometimes you look at UFC Tonight and you're like, 'Alright, is that the best panel possible? Or are you just trying to check off the boxes?'" Schaub questioned. "We get it, UFC Tonight FOX, you're not racist. We get it, you have an all-black panel. We get it. Woah, we get it. We get it, man."

    Schaub has faced accusations of bullying fellow comics behind the scenes. Schaub has also inappropriately commented on other comics wives/significant others, while also approaching them with unwanted sexual advances.

  • Bill Cosby
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    Cosby has been the subject of highly publicized accusations of rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct, the earliest of which were said by his accusers to have taken place in the mid-1960s. In October 2014, a part of comedian Hannibal Buress's comedy routine that described sexual misbehavior by Cosby went viral, resulting in more women coming forward to state that they were assaulted by Cosby. The dates of the alleged incidents span from 1965 to 2008 across ten U.S. states and one Canadian province.