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32 Serial Killers Who Are Cancers

People born under the star sign Cancer are known to be nurturing, intuitive, sensitive, and loyal, so it might be surprising to learn about all of the Cancer serial killers. This list includes those serial killers born in June and serial killers born in July, because the Cancer zodiac sign goes from June 21 to July 22. 

Of course, those under the Cancer zodiac sign can also be possessive, moody, secretive, and liable to snap when they feel threatened or vulnerable, which explains infamous Cancer serial killers like Carl Panzram. Now you may be wondering, if this means that Cancer is the zodiac sign with the most murders. However, there are other serial killer zodiac signs, like Scorpio, that boast slightly bigger numbers than Cancer. 

Read on below to learn a little more about Cancer zodiac sign serial killers. 

  • Birthday: June 28, 1891

    Cancer qualities: 

    • Cancers can be very moody, and tend to withdraw or attack when threatened. Following a childhood full of intense abuse and abandonment, Carl Panzram hardened into a criminal who would later gleefully admit to at least 21 murders and thousands of robberies and arsons. 
    • He would use his charisma to lure American soldiers to his yacht, where he would sexually assault them, kill them, and dump their bodies in the Atlantic Ocean estuary.
    • Panzram's traumatic childhood led to an intense persona seemingly determined to do nothing but kill, steal, and cause chaos.
  • Robert Maudsley
    Photo: Murderpedia / Wikimedia Commons / Fair Use

    Birthday: June 26, 2021

    Serial killer name: Hannibal the Cannibal, The Brain Eater

    Cancer qualities: 

    • Robert Maudsley was sensitive, intense, and moody, and was forced to seek psychiatric help after several attempts at completing suicide. 
    • He seems very motivated by emotion, having lashed out and killed fellow prisoners, earning him the title of "the UK's most dangerous prisoner," as well as forced into solitary confinement because he was deemed "too dangerous for a normal cell." 
  • Anna Marie Hahn
    Photo: Ohio Department of Corrections / Wikipedia / Fair Use

    Birthday: July 7, 1906

    Serial killer name: The Blonde Borgia, Angel of Mercy

    Cancer qualities: 

    • Anna Marie Hahn came across as the kind, nurturing Cancer, offering to help male friends by caring for them. However, all of the men that she "took care of" went on to die from Arsenic poisoning. In all cases, Hahn benefited from their deaths, whether by being left a house, or large sums of money.
  • Donato Bilancia
    Photo: Carabinieri / Marassi prison in Genoa

    Birthday: July 10, 1951

    Serial killer name: The Liguria Monster, Killer on the Trains

    Cancer qualities: 

    • Donato Bilancia began murdering out of revenge, after he was tricked into a rigged card game where he lost about $267,000. 
    • Once Bilancia felt vulnerable, he shifted to attack mode, after which, he admitted the first killings "gave him a taste for murder."