20 Rare Candid Photos of Your Favorite Celebrities Hanging Out

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Vote for the hang out sesh that you most wish you were a part of.

It seems like every celebrity’s public image is so contrived and tightly controlled by his or her team that it’s hard to know what they are really like. To come across a photo that isn’t carefully posed, photoshopped, and/or filtered on Instagram is a complete rarity. All those posed pictures can get a little boring. That's why coming across candid photos of celebrities is such a rare treat.

This gallery is full of fun and funny pictures of celebrities hanging out with their friends. These photos are particularly candid because no one is more themselves than when they are with their buddies and former co-workers. Whether they are hanging out on set taking a break, in the studio joking around, or just driving around town with a blow-up doll, catching celebs in these special moments is not only rare but also interesting.

So, which celebrity hangout would you most want to be a part of? For some of these, you'd need a time machine, but it's a good bet you'd choose to kick it with RoboCop. Whoever it is, check out these rare photos of celebrities just chilling and vote up the pictures that you most wish you could have been in, too.