The Best Podcast Episodes About Candy Montgomery

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In 2022, Candy Montgomery was the topic of a Hulu series starring Jessica Biel, and an HBO series starring Elizabeth Olsen. For all the true crime fans who want to know more about this brutal, real-life case, this list will feature the best podcast episodes about the Candy Montgomery case. 

Female Criminals has a great episode about the Candy Montgomery story. The Parcast podcast looks into the psychology behind the Candy Montgomery murder of Betty Gore. The Crimes And Consequences podcast also offers an in-depth look at the story of Candy Montgomery, from two attorneys who understand the legal system much better than any layman. 

If you want a more comedic look at the Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore case, there are episodes from podcasts like Housewives of True Crime and True Crime Creepers. Whether you're looking for the gory details of the crime, or have been wondering, "Where is Candy Montgomery today?" the below podcasts all offer great options. Check out the Candy Montgomery podcast episodes below, and don't forget to vote up your favorites! 

  • Let's Go To Court!
    Photo: Let's Go To Court / Facebook
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    Let's Go To Court!

    Episode:Candy Montgomery & Ruth Snyder

    Episode summary: Friends and hosts Brandi Egan and Kristen Caruso use their limited professional law experience and their lawsuit obsession to look deeper into why Candy Montgomery was acquitted. This episode may seem long, but only half of it is dedicated to the case.

    Length: 2:43:28

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    Housewives Of True Crime

    Episode: Unfriend

    Episode summary: If you're looking for a more conversational and condensed version of the story of Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore, Housewives of True Crime is hosted by friends Gretchen and Tabitha, who talk about true crime cases while sipping cocktails. This episode comes in at well under an hour, and there a moments of comic relief from the co-hosts' banter. 

    Length: 41:29

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    Til Death Do Us Part

    Episodes: “Allan and Betty Gore with Pat and Candy Montgomery Part 1 and Part 2

    Episode summary: Who better to discuss the ins and outs of marriage and affairs than an actual married couple? Hosts Daniel and Melissa MacArthur have been married for 15 years, and use their experience to break down the issue central to the Betty Gore murder: Did Candy Montgomery kill out of love for Allan Gore or was it self-defense? 

    Length: Part 1 – 1:07:37, Part 2 – 1:19:35

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  • Female Criminals
    Photo: Female Criminals / Spotify
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    Female Criminals

    Episode:  “The Killer Housewife Part 1 & Part 2

    Episode summary: If you want a podcast formatted like a true crime show, Female Criminals is for you. Host Vanessa Richardson's voice feels like it should be on TV programs like Snapped and Dateline, and the story is told with sound effects, giving you an immersive experience. It delves deep into the psychology of female killers, breaking stereotypes in the process.  

    Length: Part 1 – 49:56, Part 2 – 49:58

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  • The Dallas Morning News
    Photo: The Dallas Morning News / Listen Notes
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    The Dallas Morning News

    Episode:Special report: Hollywood plans to tell North Texas ax-killer’s story. 41 years later, why we can’t let it go

    Episode summary: Dallas Morning News reporter Dan Singer breaks down why the Betty Gore case is so fascinating to Hollywood. If you are interested in show business and how projects get made, as well as true crime, this news podcast is for you. Highly recommended if you are a fan of NPR or public radio style kinds of broadcasts. 

    Length: 15:28

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    Crimes & Consequences

    Episode: "Dangerous Candy

    Episode summary: Crime & Consequences is a no holds barred look at some of the world's most brutal cases. The show is hosted by two attorneys who dive into the legal implications of Candy Montgomery's case, and if she got away with murder. 

    Length: 46:37

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