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The Best Canned Soup Brands

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When it comes to simple, but comforting meals, few dishes can top a steaming bowl of soup. But preparing this hearty entree doesn't need to involve hours of cooking. Many notable companies make delicious canned soups that are easy to heat and serve in a snap. The best canned soup brands come in many forms. Some top canned soup brands require the addition of extra ingredients to really sing, while other good canned soup brands have everything you need all in one container. Many of the tastiest canned soups have honed their recipes over decades.

What companies will you find on this list of the best canned soup brands? You probably won't be surprised to see Campbell's included here. Since 1869, Campbell's has been providing consumers with delicious canned foods. Tomato, Chicken Noodle, and Cream of Mushroom are among Campbell's most popular soup offerings. Amy's is another one of the best brands of canned soup available in stores. Progresso is a good soup for people searching for that homemade taste that they loved as a child. Other great companies featured on this top canned soup brands include Whole Foods, Lipton, and Pacific Foods.

Which canned soup brand deserves the top spot on this list? It's up to you to decide. Give your favorites a thumbs up to move them towards number one, and please add any tasty soup brands that are missing.