Unspeakable Times

The Most Violent Cannibal Attacks In History

Cannibalism remains one of the strangest and most disgusting crimes a person can possibly commit, and famous cannibal serial killers possess a level of infamy unique to their crimes. While some cultures around the world cannibalize as part of their society, the lone cannibal killers in this list acted on their own selfish and twisted impulses. Childhood abuse and psychological trauma account for many of these cannibals' motives, but many simply wanted to know what human flesh tasted like, and used dirty methods to find out. In some cases, these cannibals roam free, either escaped from their holding cells or released on a technicality. 

In addition to eating victims' flesh, cannibal murderers performed all types of psychological and physical torture not only on their victims but also their relatives. Some killers even tricked people into eating human flesh. Hailing from all around the world, from urban epicenters to rural villages, cannibal killers know no restrictions when it comes to location. Read further if you dare, but be warned; this isn't a list to peruse during your lunchbreak.