Weird Nature Cannibal Chimpanzee Seen Eating A New Born Chimp For The First Time  

Mick Jacobs

Most people already know about chimp horror stories where a pet chimp uses their immense strength to rearrange a person's facial features, usually a caretaker who never considered the complexities of owning a wild primates. But the video below reveals chimps also live in fear of other chimps.

Apparently chimps are just as willing to terrorize members of their own species the same way they sometimes terrorize humans. In 2014, researchers following a group of chimps in Tanzania observed an adult male take off with a newborn.

When researchers encountered him later, the chimp was cannibalizing the remains of the infant. Though rare instances of primate cannibalism occur among chimps, this marks the first observed incident in which an adult deliberately cannibalized a newborn.

As disturbing as this incident may be, it does provide researchers with some insight on the nature of how female chimps take "maternity leave." Apparently, they take it in order to avoid cannibal scenarios like the one above. Watch below to see if you still consider a chimp to be your "closest relative."