Graveyard Shift

The Making And Release Of 'Cannibal Holocaust' Was Just As Nasty As The Film Itself

Long before the internet made it far too easy to see graphic, inhumane scenes of violence, viewers had to go out into the real world to hunt for stomach-churning videos. Sketchy video stores and limited-release screenings were the only way to see the most grotesque imagery ever put to celluloid. Far from the eyes of the mainstream, shady establishments existed to showcase horror films that were so terrible the police thought they were real.  

Of all the snuff films that went too far, Cannibal Holocaust is perhaps the most notable, as its release managed to attract the attention of audiences around the world. It has blood, guts, extreme violence, and it's a bit more real than your average Hollywood release. The film is deemed to be one of the vilest and reprehensible movies ever made due to its graphic depictions of animal slaughter and cannibalism. 

While the final cut of the film will certainly make you lose your lunch, the Cannibal Holocaust behind-the-scenes facts are almost certainly just as bad.