WATCH People Who Have Actually Eaten Human Flesh Described What It Was Like  

Tucker DeSaulnier

What does human flesh taste like? Don't act like you've never wondered. A little curiosity doesn't make you a monster. The trick is to not take those idle musings into the real world. To hear various cannibals describe the taste of human flesh, it sounds like a delicacy, albeit on that requires the death of another human being. What they likely fail to realize is their enjoyment comes from murder, not meat.

From human thighs to human brains, cannibal killers indulged in all sorts of twisted tastings of the human body. Probably the single most notorious cannibal of the 20th century, Jeffrey Dahmer, described it as tasting like filet mignon, telling an FBI agent as much based on his consumption of human "thighs, biceps, and various internal organs." Others have claimed it goes down better than many a more conventional roasted meat dish.

A common theme in a lot of descriptions of the human taste is sweetness, surprisingly enough. Some cannibalistic inhabitants of the South Pacific island of Vanuatu described it as "very sweet." Issei Sagawa, meanwhile, said that after several days, "the meat had become sweeter and it tasted great." According to Sagawa, the flesh is notably odorless despite the sweet taste. "It doesn’t have any of that gamey animal smell," he declared.

Of course, plenty of people throughout history have eaten human flesh without murdering someone, but the video below focused on those who devoured the most taboo meat after killing someone. That all being said, would you consider these killers to be particularly adventurous eaters? To clarify, do you think that after eating a human bicep they would follow it up with boiled silkworm or fried spider? The answer is probably not. When it comes down to these killers' tastes, they cared more about ending people's lives than enriching their palettes.