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There's Convincing Evidence Werewolves Have Been Terrorizing A Small Village In England For Decades

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Of all the places where there have been werewolf sightings, central England seems like a strange place for there to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, and yet it just may be. Specifically, the werewolves of Cannock Chase have been frightening the bejesus out of locals for over 30 years. There have been dozens of werewolf sightings there, both day and night. In fact, paranormal experts believe that there is proof of werewolves in the woods of the Midlands region. 

It isn't just werewolves that are stalking the trees and cemeteries of Cannock Chase. The area seems to be a some kind of portal to the bizarre and a magnet for the unexplained. In addition to the Cannock Chase werewolf rumors, there are reports of UFOs and ghostly children. There was even a bizarre sighting of a what looked like a medical experiment gone wrong, a being that looked like a pig-man. Perhaps all of these creatures, including the English werewolves, are living together in the forest, but whatever is going on, central England appears to be a spooky place. 

  • A Black-Eyed Child Hides In The Woods Of Cannock Chase Alongside The Werewolf

    While werewolves, UFOs, Pig-Men, and theoretical cavemen are frightening enough, the area where the creature has been spotted is also home to other supernatural beings. Witnesses have seen a black-eyed child in the same woods the werewolves supposedly live in. Black-eyed children are a paranormal entity that has been experienced by people the world over. It makes sense if there were to be any in England, Cannock Chase's woods would be where they'd hide.

    Ghost hunters flock to the woods to see for themselves. A few have taken audio recordings capture a girl's voice. The Cannock Chase woods are not a place go for a pleasant stroll through the trees. 

  • Eyewitnesses Describe The Werewolf As Huge And Terrifying

    All told, there have been 35 believed sightings of a werewolf and 21 where people came forward to tell their stories firsthand. The reports are terrifying. According to witnesses, the werewolf stands seven feet tall, is covered in hair, looks like a human/wolf hybrid, and has a snout. The fact that so many people report seeing the creature, and at different times of the day, points to the notion that there may really be something out there in the woods.

    Paranormal investigators constantly monitor the news in the Midlands for more proof that the creature is real.

  • The Werewolf Was Captured On Video

    The advent of inexpensive video cameras used for action sports has turned nearly everyone into a potential daredevil waiting for an awesome moment to go viral. Two mountain bikers in Cannock Chase got more than they bargained for. In 2009, the cyclists were recording their ride. The video shows a fun day of single track shredding, but it also has an unexpected highlight.

    A creature can be seen stalking in the woods for a few seconds of the film. It looks too tall to be a man and walks upright, like a large dog on its hind legs.