Serial Killers Who Are Capricorn

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Only serial killers born between December 22 and January 19.

Who are the most famous Capricorn serial killers? Born from December 22 to January 19, Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. 

Looking at serial killers based on zodiac, you can find some pretty fascinating connections. Many serial killers born in December and January fall under the Capricorn sign, and they all happen to share a few key personality traits. For one, they have a tendency to resort to violence when things head south.

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  • Niels Högel

    Birthday: December 30, 1976

    Capricorn qualities:

    • Niels Högel admitted that he had a sheltered childhood. He wasn't exposed to violence at home.
    • He went to work as a nurse as an adult, going on to work in an intensive care unit.
    • He was ultimately convicted of 85 murders, all of which occurred from him tampering with injections.
  • Wang Qiang

    Birthday: January 16, 1975

    Capricorn qualities:

    • Wang Qiang is one of the most infamous serial killers in Chinese history. He killed 45 people, and even his lawyers said that he reviled them, but they were bound to aid in his defense.
  • Birthday: January 10, 1949

    Serial killer name: The Sorcerer

    Capricorn qualities:

    • Ahmad Suradji was in tune with his spiritual side, working as a shaman and claiming to have supernatural powers. 
    • He said that his deceased father visited him and told him to kill 70 women.
    • He ended up killing 42 before getting caught.
    • Birthplace: Medan, Indonesia
  • Vasili Komaroff
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    Vasili Komaroff

    Birthday: January 1, 1871

    Serial killer name: The Wolf of Moscow

    Capricorn qualities:

    • Vasili Komaroff showed his ambition from a young age. He earned a small fortune, but it was soon wasted away.
    • He was disciplined with his killings, each one following a specific formula. Komaroff would become friends with someone interested in buying a horse. He'd bring the victim to his home and provide them with vodka. He would then kill the victim by either slitting the throat or hitting them with a hammer.
  • Dean Corll
    Photo: US Military / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Birthday: December 24, 1939

    Serial killer name: The Candy Man

    Capricorn qualities:

    • As a child, Dean Corll was sensitive to the needs of others. As an adult, he earned the nickname "The Candy Man" for offering free candy to local children.
    • He'd eventually go on to kill 28 people, all of whom were males between the ages of 13 and 20.
    • Birthplace: Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Marcel Petiot
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    Marcel Petiot

    Birthday: January 17, 1897

    Serial killer name: Docteur Satan

    Capricorn qualities:

    • Marcel Petiot was advanced for his age, but not in a good way. He once fired his father's gun in class and propositioned a girl his age for sex when he was only 11.
    • He later went to medical school and became known for dubious medical practices, such as petty theft and illegal abortions.
    • It's suspected he killed up to 60 people although the real number could be much higher.
    • Birthplace: Auxerre, France