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23 Details From 'Captain America: Civil War' That Even Super Fans Missed

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Let's be real - Captain America: Civil War is basically The Avengers: 2.5, and nobody's mad about that! It just means that there are that many more cool and interesting details to comb through. From callbacks to the first Iron Man film to nods to other Russo Brothers projects, at the time of its release, Civil War was Marvel Studio's most ambitious project, and it shows. The attention to detail and passion of everyone involved in the film comes through on the big screen and is worth rewatch after rewatch. 

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    Aunt May Still Thinks About Uncle Ben

    Photo: Captain America: Civil War / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Completely missable due to Tony Stark's presence and the overall excitement of Spider-Man making his MCU debut, Redditor u/Aedengeo noticed a costuming detail for Marisa Tomei's Aunt May.

    In Captain America: Civil War, May is wearing Ben's wedding ring around her neck.

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    Steve And Tony Have Unique Hand-To-Hand Fighting Styles

    Photo: Captain America: Civil War / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Over three films, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, and Captain America: Civil War, Redditor u/Sen_Yarizui compiled a series of gifs showing Cap and Iron Man's different fighting styles, stating: 

    Captain America is a boxer and Iron Man trains in Wing Chun kung fu. In the hand-to-hand scene in Captain America: Civil War, both use their respective fighting styles.

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    Captain America Commits To His Values

    Photo: Captain America: Civil War / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Redditor u/Jai427 spotted this tiny detail:

    In Captain America: Civil War prior to the Sokovia Accords, Steve has his Avengers logo [on his uniform], but later at the airport scene you can see he removed it.

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    Sharon Carter's Eulogy Was Lifted From The Comics

    Photo: The Amazing Spiderman #537 / Marvel Comics

    Redditor u/ZultarTeDestroyer pulled this image from the comics, stating:

    In Captain America: Civil War, part of Sharon Carter's speech from Peggy's funeral, "Plant yourself like a tree" bit was taken directly from The Amazing Spiderman #537 when Captain America tells the same thing to Spider-Man.

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