Total Nerd Easter Eggs You Didn't Catch in Captain America: Civil War  

Jacob Shelton
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As with all Marvel films, Captain America: Civil War Easter eggs are all over the place. Not only are the Easter eggs in Marvel's cinematic Civil War giving shout-outs to stuff that happened in past films, but they’re also nodding to famous comics of the '70s on through to the iconic visuals from the actual Civil War comic series. If you didn’t catch any of the references while watching the film, don’t worry about it, this list is here to make sure that you understand every weird reference that happened in Captain America: Civil War.

At a nearly three-hour running time, Civil War provides a lot of footage to jam archaic references into. And while it’s obvious that crafting a film full of information that also moves at a brisk pace was important to the filmmakers, they made sure to allude to everything from Arrested Development to the Falcon’s first comic book appearance. You would have to be crazy (or have a lot of time on your hands) to catch all of the Easter eggs in this film, so spare your sanity and take a look at all of the Marvel references in Captain America: Civil War.

These certainly aren’t all the Easter eggs in Captain America: Civil War, so if you noticed any other references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the original Marvel Comics, or anything else, point out as much in the comments.
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The Iconic Final Fight Between Iron Man and Captain America

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Much has already been said of the way that Civil War pulls visuals from the comics, but one of the biggest moments of the film - Cap using his shield to stop Tony's Plasma blasts (which if you think about it is basically Tony still not being able to be better than his father, even after his death - bummer) - is actually the cover to issue 7 of the original Civil War comic event.
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That Time Ant Man Rode Hawkeye's Arrow

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Pretty much every hero gets a super cool moment during the big airport fight scene, but the coolest might be Paul Rudd's Ant-Man hitching a ride on one of Hawkeye's arrows. This particular stunt was a reference to the cover of Avengers #223 where the very same thing happened. And if you're wondering about what happened in the comic, yes, somebody (Taskmaster) did get it. 
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"I Could Do This All Day"

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A reference to Steve's life as a weakling boy who only had gumption running through is veins instead of super-serum. His one-liner to Iron Man refers back to the beginning of Captain America: The First Avenger. This should be Steve Rogers's catch phrase, whether he's eating pizza or fighting Red Skull, "I can do this all day" should be the only words coming out of his mouth. 
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Stan The Man

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Stan Lee is a living breathing Marvel Easter egg, and when it comes to Mr. Lee you either fall into one of two camps. You can't wait to see him appear, or by the end of every MCU film, specifically Civl War, you've been lulled into a sense of false security, and then Stan Lee shows up and destroys any imaginary world you were able to create by pretending to be a USPS delivery person and saying the phrase "Tony Stank." 
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