The Heaviest Political Issues in Captain America: Civil War

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This list looks at political topics in Captain America: Civil War and how the film plainly states what other, more "serious" film can't. At the heart of Marvel's Civil War is the idea that nothing good can come from the "You’re with me or against me" argument. The political theme of the movie is that disagreements can occur between people with similar ideologies, but who believe in different methods. It would simple to break the movie down intoT ony Stark and the government (the bad guys) against Captain America and his crew (the good guys). But almost everyone in the film is motivated by a desire to do the right thing and bring about their idea of peace.

Admittedly, this is a Captain America movie, so there’s a lot of explosions,  gratuitous shots of muscles, and fighting. But the film also delves into Captain America's politics and uses its ridiculous characters to examine real concerns. On the surface, it might seem like Cap’s recalcitrant attitude towards the UN is driven by his love for Bucky Barnes, but as the film progresses, it becomes obvious that Steve Rogers has a specific idea of what freedom is, and how he should be allowed to fight for it.

Captain America: Civil War takes on a lot of weighty issues, and you can vote up the ones you think it handles most intelligently.