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Captain America's Greatest Villains

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Captain America's villain roster is one of the oddest in all of comic book lore. These villains head evil, scheming organizations and take on the strangest shapes, colors, and abilities in comic book history. From evil women to snakes, this list is a compilation of some the biggest, baddest villains out there. But seriously, there's a ton of snakes in there...

Here are Captain America's top 15 villains (and a bonus). Here's to hoping Captain America 3 features Baron Zemo and not Diamondback or Slither, or Sidewinder, or... any of the serpent society or the serpent squad...or...
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     First appearing in Captain America #208 (and played awesomely by Toby Jones as in a pre-transformed body in Captain America the First Avenger), Arnim Zola was the world's leading biochemist in WWII and the world's first geneticist. Hired by Hitler to create a device that could transfer someone's essence into a cloned body, he was successful creating The Hate-Monger from Hitler's consciousness and using it on himself to transfer his mind into an android body, keeping him alive to this day. 

    Most Notorious Act:

    His plots are always sinister and noteworthy in comic lore, the guy brought HITLER back... and his greatest allies are Baron Zemo, Hitler, and the Red Skull... not a nice fella. But his most noteworthy skill might be while he was studying werewolves. Zola temporarily turned Captain America into a werewolf.s. Cap Wolf (yes, they called it that. YES, it lasted like, 8 Issues. That's 8 MONTHS! And yes, Wolverine was there.)
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     First Appearing in Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commando's #5, Baron Von Strucker has always been at the forefront of giant Evil Empires. First as Adolph Hitler's Right Hand man, then as leader of Hydra. Born to Prussian Nobility he became a fencing champion and was disfigured by facial scars. Fought for Germany in WWI then sided with Hitler in his rise to power, and quickly rose through the ranks.

    Most Notorious Act:

     He later single handedly infiltrated SHIELD by having Super Powered people on his side fight one another and have the "good guy" recruited by shield then slowly built up sleeper cells within the government agency. For years SHIELD was completely corrupted and HYDRA had access to any and all information.

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    Serpent Society


    The Serpent Society first appeared in Captain America #310, Apparently to symbolize trade unions? First consisting of just Cobra, Eel and the original Viper, then the second wave joined which was Viper (The current one, madame Hydra) and Princess Python. Eventually a separate Second Squad was formed consisting of Sidewinder, Black mamba, Black Racer, Boomslang, Coach Whip, Death Adder, Puff Adder, Fer De Lance, Constrictor, Anaconda, Bushmaster, Asp, Cottonmouth, Rock Python, Slither and Rattler (and sometimes MORE). Whew. There are THAT many SNAKE VILLAINS YOU GUYS! So anyway once these two Serpent Squads combined, they became the SERPENT SOCIETY.
    Most Notorious Act:

     There are many Factions within the Society and as you can see it's huge and hard to keep up with. But just like a nest full of snakes they fight amongst themselves, alot. One of these times Madame Hydra used the squabbling to take control of the whole society then under her rule used them to poison the Water Supply of Washington DC turning everyone into Snake-People. The City was almost destroyed (this happened). Diamondback rebelled from Madame Hydra's rule and escaped, went to Cap to convince him to help, (convinced him with the sex, this also happened) then Cap, D-Man, Vegabond, Nomad, and Falcon shut them all down.
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    A key villain in the entire Marvel universe, Viper is an especially large thorn in Cap's side.

    First appearing in Captain America #110 and raised as an orphan in Hungary, Viper was adopted by HYDRA and quickly became their star pupil, taking up the Mantle MADAME HYRDA VI (we've never technically met I-V). She, in her first encounter with him, fought and captured Captain America. A very complicated character, she eventually (and often for only brief stints to this day) left Hydra and started once again going by VIPER (she even rescued Wolverine, who was going by Patch at the time, and he owes her a permanent debt, and I'm pretty sure they were MARRIED for a bit... it's a whole thing). 

    Most Notorious Act: 

    Using all of her assets and knowledge of the criminal underworld from HYDRA, she pooled her resources, overtook countless crime lords, and became the Kingpin of the LARGEST criminal nation, ruling it all out of Madripoor, which she still does to this day. (Recently, Tony Stark defeated her... Buuut I think she got it back).

    Also, this is the same chick from the new Wolverine movie, but they butchered her character; she has no tongue or silly powers, so just ignore that character happened just like we ignore Wolverine Origins happening.
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