Behind-The-Scenes Facts From Captain America: The First Avenger That Demand A Rewatch

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Captain America: The First Avenger is, chronologically, the first film in the MCU, and it's also one of the best. The movie introduced the world to Chris Evans's Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, and the MCU was never the same again. In many ways, Evans's Rogers is the heart of the MCU, and the fans love him for it. Captain America is easily one of the most popular characters in Marvel Comics history, and with the success of this film, two more followed.

Like any movie in the MCU, Cap's first outing is filled with tons of details and Easter eggs calling back to his comic book origins. As a result, people have paid close attention to every frame on the screen, and it turns out, there's a lot more going on than most people realize. Captain America: The First Avenger has been scrutinized by the fans, but there's always something new to learn about Cap and some of the impressive battle scenes he's been in over the years.

That's especially true when you're looking at some of the things that happened behind the scenes. The First Avenger certainly has a lot going on that wasn't revealed until much later, and when you find out what those things are, you're going to want to go back and rewatch it. This list compiles some of the most fascinating behind-the-scenes facts from The First Avenger that'll make you want to sit through it all over again! Take a look down below, and don't forget to upvote your favorites before you head back to the couch to chill with Captain America!

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    Chris Evans Turned Down The Role Of Cap Three Times Before Accepting

    Looking back, it's hard to imagine another actor playing Steve Rogers, but Chris Evans almost didn't take the part. John Krasinski was up for the role for a bit, but he didn't see himself as the best "fit" for playing the character after he tried on the costume. The role was offered to Evans multiple times, but he declined. Like many people, Evans suffers from anxiety, and he was worried about how the job would impact his life.

    Signing up for the role meant a six-movie deal, which is far more than most film contracts require. If an actor is lucky, they might sign on to a few, but the MCU is unique. Evans had some concerns, which he explained in a Twitter video where he revealed his life-long struggle with anxiety, and he explained how the commitment to such a large number of movies would have been difficult for him to handle. He said it was a decade-long commitment, and that was scary to him, which is why he passed.

    Ultimately, he went to therapy, and he was able to work through his issues. His video post is filled with comments from people saying how they also deal with anxiety and depression, and how his words helped them through problems of their own. Interestingly, Chris Evans didn't have to audition for the part. Director Joe Johnston had nobody else in mind who could portray Captain America, so he sent him a contract without bothering to schedule auditions for other actors; the role was, and always has been, Chris Evans's.

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    Camera Trickery Makes Cap Appear Taller Than Bucky When They're The Exact Same Height

    In the comics, Captain America is a tall guy, standing at 6 feet 2 inches, so he's taller than the average American male his age (without the whole freezing bit). Chris Evans stands at 6 feet tall, so he's pretty much right on target for what was needed to make Cap look just right in the MCU. Similarly, Sebastian Stan is also 6 feet tall, which might be surprising given the above picture, which clearly shows him a good 4-6 inches shorter than his co-star.

    Because both men were the same height, and Bucky Barnes couldn't be taller than Captain America (in the comics, during WWII, he was a kid, after all), there had to be a little camera trickery to achieve the right look. Ultimately, it just took some creative camera tricks and shadowing to make sure Bucky always stood a little shorter than Captain America. Chris Evans isn't walking along on soapboxes or anything, but if you were to see the two actors standing side-by-side IRL, they'd be the exact same height.

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    Sebastian Stan Watched WWII Movies To Prepare For The Role Of Bucky

    There are a lot of ways an actor can prepare for a role, but when it comes to portraying a WWII soldier, there aren't as many options as you might think. It's getting harder to find a veteran from that conflict to speak with, so many actors, Sebastian Stan included, turn to other movies. Of course, he also had plenty of comic books to read if he wanted to learn who his character was, but as he explained to MTV in an interview in 2011, he didn't know anything about the character or his source material:

    I didn't know anything about the comic books. Even when I auditioned, I didn't. And I liked that because I didn't want to have particular ideas. I wanted to find the characters and connections naturally. And I did. Steve Rogers and Bucky are both orphans and kind of like brothers. They kind of grow up together and look after each other. It's a very human, relatable thing. And growing up in the Army is a very specific thing. There's a certain way these guys carry themselves, there's a certain etiquette, a certain body posture, the way that they interact. So I went back and read the comics and watched a lot of documentaries on World War II. Band of Brothers was very helpful.

    Watching old documentaries, reading the comics, and binging Band of Brothers makes a lot of sense for someone prepping to play Bucky Barnes. Stan wanted to respect the themes in the comics while portraying a soldier in WWII. Originally, Bucky was a teenage sidekick, but he's been reimagined more recently as an adult who was transformed into the Winter Soldier. Because of that fact, Stan had to get to know the original version of the character as well as the most recent version, and by all accounts, he did a fantastic job.

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    Chris Evans's Body Double Shows His Face In A Cameo

    The insane difference between pre-Serum Steve and what comes after is pretty drastic in Captain America: The First Avenger. After all, Chris Evans brought down his body fat and toned his body to impossible levels, which looks nothing like how he appears at the beginning of the movie. A lot of what made that possible was movie magic, but it wouldn't have been possible without Leander Deeny.

    Deeny may not be a household name, but he was instrumental in creating the look for Steve Rogers before he underwent the experiment that transformed him into Captain America. Deeny worked as Evans's body double, so he acted out every one of Steve's "skinny" scenes. Deeny did manage to play another character in the movie, so if you ever wondered what he looks like without a digital mask, you can catch him in The First Avenger playing a bartender.

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    Sebastian Stan Auditioned For The Role Of Steve Rogers

    When Chris Evans turned down the role of Captain America, he left the door open for a slew of actors who wanted the role. One such actor was Sebastian Stan, the man who went on to play James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes. His audition didn't win him the role, but he managed to nab Barnes, which offered up the future opportunity to continue playing that role as the Winter Soldier, so he made out alright in the end.

    When he was offered the role of Bucky, he was working on a movie set and didn't answer his phone because it was an unknown number. Coincidentally, it was also April 1, better known as April Fool's Day. When he played the message a while later, it was Kevin Feige, saying, "Hey, we're trying to reach you. Just want to let you know that we'd love to do this with you. We'd love for you to play James 'Bucky' Barnes. Give me a call back." Despite letting the president of Marvel Studios go to voicemail, he managed to land the job.

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    Stan 'The Man' Lee's Cameo Has A Nugget Of Truth To It

    Ever since he first appeared in The Trial of the Incredible Hulk in 1989, Stan "The Man" Lee made cameo appearances in tons of Marvel features. He narrated cartoons, popped up in video games, and he appeared as a different character in every MCU project throughout the first three phases, ending with Avengers: Endgame. In pretty much every one of his cameos, he plays someone he had no connection with in real life. These include a delivery man, a mental ward patient, and one appearance as "himself," but he's mistaken for Hugh Hefner.

    For Captain America: The First Avenger, Lee plays an Army general, and while he wasn't a general in real life, he did serve in the US Army during WWII. Lee served in the Signal Corps, repairing telegraph poles, but he was put into the Training Film Division before long, where he made training films, wrote manuals, came up with slogans, and even drew cartoons. Under his official military classification, he was listed as "playwright," and he served alongside several talented men, including Frank Capra, Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss), and many more.