The Biggest Brawls Between Captain America and Iron Man

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The greatest moments when Captain America and Iron Man fought.

Two sides of the same coin, Captain America and Iron Man are both pillars of the Marvel Universe, but, at the same time, so different. Captain America has the iron clad sense of morality and honor. Iron Man... well, he is just iron clad! Ranker Comics has put together a list of different times the egos of these two heroes bumped against each other a little too much and it got ugly!

Although both are leaders in the Avengers, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are total opposite personalities. Rodgers, coming from the 1940s, holds his honor and morals in very high regard. Frankly, he can be a little stodgy. His buddy, Tony Stark is the epitome of the billionaire playboy and plays it more fast and loose than the good Captain would appreciate. 

Call up Jarvis and have him bring the drinks - Ranker Comics has the ten best conflicts between these two mighty Avengers! Let's just say that when the ground rumbles between these two, the whole world feels it!

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    Civil War

    Civil War
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    This is the throw down between Captain America and Iron Man. Emotions were high going into the Superhuman Registration Act and only got worse as Iron Man put pressure on the now-outlaw heroes to join up or face prison. 

    Although these two characters have fought side by side countless times, their personalities and ideologies gave way to an epic battle with reverberations still being felt in the Marvel Universe.

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    Captain America Vol. 1 #341

    As part of the fallout from Tony Stark's Armor Wars, where he stripped anyone using Iron Man tech, Steve Rodgers decides to bring Stark into the authorities for his various offenses. Although there has always been tension between the two heroes, Captain America Vol. 1 #341 is a great example of both men refusing to back down in the face of sacrificing their ideals or desires. 
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    Avengers Vol. 5 #29

    The mind wipe that Captain America suffered in New Avengers Vol. 3 #3 eventually seeps back into Rodger's brain and he figures out what the Illuminati have been up to. After gathering a team of trusted Avengers to confront Tony Stark in his lab, the tensions between Iron Man and Captain America eventually boil over. Unable to keep his cool, Captain America throws the first punch and Tony activates his suits of armor to attack the Avengers. 
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    Armor Wars

    Iron Man #228, smack dab in the middle of Armor Wars, saw Tony Stark stripping anyone who was using Iron Man Tech in their armor - good or bad. 

    After taking care of some of his enemies, Tony then visited a prison where the guards were outfitted with armor that was based on Stark's technology. Captain America shows up (then just going by "The Captain") to stop Iron Man from disarming these guards. After a brief tussle, Tony destroys the tech and continues his egotistical rampage.
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  • In the MCU's tune-up before Infinity War and Endgame showed just how epic a crossover it could pull off, Tony and Steve squared off in Captain America: Civil War over the fate of Cap's former sidekick. The Sokovian radical Helmut Zemo put the heroes in each others' way after revealing the Winter Soldier was responsible for Howard and Maria Stark's deaths in the '80s. Captain America stays true to his oldest friend, leading to not only a massive free-for-all in a German airport, but also a down and dirty fight between the two heroes in a decommissioned HYDRA facility.

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    The Avengers

    Joss Whedon's The Avengers has the honor of being the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that the audience gets to see Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers confronting each other. 

    Although negatively influenced by Loki's staff, the two heroes' disagreement dissolves into insults and almost gets violent. Looks like the seeds for Captain America: Civil War were planted a long time ago!
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