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It's Official: All Animals Love Hanging Out With Capybaras

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Capybaras are really chill, or at least most animals seem to think so. For some reason, there are an absurd amount of photos of capybaras with other animals on the internet and they're all pretty incredible. In every one of the pictures, the different animals seem to be having an awesome time hanging out with their capybara homies. Both predator and prey species can't get enough of these giant South American rodents, and the scientific reason might just be because they're awesome friends to hang with.

But seriously, why do other animals like capybaras so much? Well, some facts about cabybaras reveal that they happen to be highly intelligent and social animals that live in groups. Their families have complex hierarchies and social structures. They also are the mellowest dudes in the Amazon. Their lives are some of the most interesting and adorable in the animal kingdom, so it's no wonder why everyone loves them so much. Check out these pictures below and vote up the greatest photos of capybara relaxing with different animal species. 

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    Meow And Cappy, Oh So Happy

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    Capybara Make The Best Snuggle Buddies

    Photo: u/HarryPottersOwl / Reddit
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    A Capybara Enjoying Some Puppy Kisses

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    Obviously The Most Popular Member Of The Troop

    Photo: u/Ryno3639 / Reddit
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