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9 Car Accidents Caused by Google Maps & GPS

Car accidents caused by GPS and Google Maps, unfortunately, aren't all that unusual. With all of the people blindly following electronic directions into large bodies of water, onto busy roads, and even running into trees, it's pretty clear that we've all become a tad too reliant on those "helpful," robotic voices that guide us along our way. This list includes some of the most dramatic examples of what can happen when people put just a bit too much trust in their GPS devices. 

GPS, Google Maps, Waze, and other navigation apps can be very useful, but blindly following online map devices can lead to danger. Drivers often pay much more attention to the GPS voice that gives them turn-by-turn directions than they do to traffic lights and warning signs. 

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  • German Driver Obeys GPS, Drives Into Sand Pile

    In October of 2006, an elderly German driver ignored a "closed for construction" sign on a busy roadway near Hamburg. The 80-year-old motorist opted, instead, to follow his GPS directions to the letter.

    The man and his wife were lucky to escape injury (and worse) when he shot past an enormous warning sign and drove headfirst into a massive sand pile.

    And before you ask: yes, he was also driving a Mercedes.