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15 Car Dealers Of Reddit Reveal The Biggest Customer Scams (And Tips To Avoid Them)

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A little cheating never hurt anyone... or at least that's what these people thought when selling cars (or in some cases, buying them).

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and start writing down the things to be attentive to the next time you plan to buy a ride.

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    Every Time...

    From Redditor u/FrankieMint:

    It seems like a small scam except for how often it happens:

    "Oh, replacing the battery in your remote is a dealer-only item. That will be $165 per remote to replace the $6 battery, thank you."

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    The Master Guide

    From Redditor u/SH378:

    Make them give you the warranty. Do not let them con you.

    Secondly, on cars; the sticker price is typically $5,000 higher than it should be. Go in, and when they ask, tell them you are just browsing. If/when they ask, "Do you have a trade-in?" say, "Well, yeah, if I were gonna buy a car, I have this car as a trade-in. But I will drive this car until the wheels fall off before I will pay too much for another one."

    Stick to your guns! Don't even go unless you are willing [to].

    I bought a new Cadillac for $5,000 under sticker price this way. Purchased a 2011 Chevy truck with the same tactic, but don't expect to get more than $3,000 off on trucks. Trucks are just way too popular.

    BTW, I like new. But the best deals are on low-mileage cars that are 2 years old.

    Oh yeah, and always buy a vehicle on the last week of the month. Make those quotas!!!

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    Walk It, Talk It

    From Redditor u/maddengod73:

    Do not sign anything until you are happy with the finances. Also, no matter what they tell you, they can come down off the sticker price. They will tell you some bullsh*t as to why they can't, but trust me they can. I went to a dealership a couple of weeks ago to get my fiancee a car. We had a serious budget and they kept going over it. He told us that they were about to close, but he sent out a rate to another bank within our price range and [said] that we should go ahead and sign a purchase agreement so nobody will take her car the next day before we show up.

    Told him I won't sign anything until [he brought] the monthly note down, and... if he didn't, I would go to one of the other hundred car lots. He kept trying to persuade me until I got mad and started to walk out. He stopped me and said he will bring the total cost of the car down and that he will call me in the morning. I got a call in the morning telling me they had the monthly notes down to what we wanted them to be, including [an] extended 100,000-mile warranty and gap insurance.

    If you are unhappy, then just walk out. They will try to stop you from leaving or give you a call the next day because they want to sell that vehicle. I did the same thing with my truck and my parents did the same thing with every vehicle they have ever owned and it has always worked.

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    How Much For That Mat?

    From Redditor u/JohnnyBrillcream:

    All the add-ons are marked up in price. Yup, we all know that. Part of that markup is installation costs.

    There was a rubber mat for the back storage section of a car I bought. Forget the exact price, but let's say $150. When I did some research I found out that part of that cost was an installation, $25. $25 to drop a mat in the back of the car???!!!

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