41 Guys Who Destroyed Their Cars Doing Stupid Things  

Randy Cobb
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List Rules People destroying their cars in stupid ways.

Humans are obsessed with their cars. Not only are they a prized possession, a status symbol, and a financial expense, they can also be a home away from home, an office, and a dangerous accident waiting to happen.

Even getting a scratch on your car can often ruin your day, and minor accidents can cost you an arm and a leg. For these people, being careless got them more than a scratch – their cars are toast. Most of them made stupid mistakes, whether it was an attempt at parkour, a parking disaster, drunk driving, or literally driving on thin ice. Prepare to not know whether to laugh or cringe as you watch these idiots destroy their modes of transportation.
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Watch Me Tow This Car

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Watch Me Get Out of the Car Mid-Carwash

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Watch Me Remove This Stump

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Watch Me Take a Shortcut

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