15 Car Mechanics Share Their Worst Customer Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Not everyone knows everything about cars. In fact, most of us need help from a mechanic every now and then. Still, it's important to know the basics, and it's especially important to be nice to your mechanic. These car mechanic horror stories make it obvious that not everyone shares this mindset. But if you'd like to avoid becoming a customer horror story, read on and learn what not to do when you bring your car to a mechanic.

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    She Thought Her Car Only Worked In The City

    From Redditor u/hillbillygoat:

    A customer came to our shop with her "City Golf" [Volkswagen's Citi Golf] and wanted a mechanic to check the car over because she had to take it on the highway for a few minutes. After two years of owning the car, she was under the impression that her car was only able to drive in the city.

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    She Thought Oil Changes Were Made Up By People In D.C.

    From Redditor u/Onid8870:

    My cousin used to live with her sister and her sister's husband. The brother-in-law would take care of all car maintenance for all of their vehicles. He would just do it and not mention a word to them.

    The cousin in question moved to D.C., and after about nine months (and having driven her car from Chicago to D.C.), the engine seized. When the mechanic asked her when was the last time she changed her oil, she insisted that she never had to do that in Chicago and this must be some new thing you people in D.C. came up with.

    Even after we explained it to her she still thinks that mechanic played a trick on her in order to cheat her.

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    He Was Furious That His Car Needed An Oil Change After 19,000 Miles

    From Redditor u/6R140W:

    Fortyish-year-old man steaming mad because his Ford Escape had a locked-up engine at 19,000 miles. When asked for his service records, he looked confused for a second, put his hand on his hips and spat out, "The damn thing never told me it needed an oil change." Still, respect for the little engine making it that far.

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    They Thought The Door Was Broken But It Was Just The Child Lock

    From Redditor u/Rebel_County:

    One day a car came into the garage I used to work at. The customer was complaining that they couldn't open the passenger side rear door from the inside. I took off the door panel to check the inner workings, see what I could see. One of my friends suggested I check the child lock, and I said it couldn't possibly be that, that no one could miss that. He said, "Try anyway before you go further with it," so I did. It was the child's lock.

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    She Didn't Know Her Car Had A Headlight Switch

    From a Redditor:

    I had a customer leave after we did an inspection on their car, and comes back 15 minutes later in a panic saying that the car won't stop beeping at her. I tell her sorry, one of the techs must have left her headlights on after checking them. "No, that's impossible, my car has automatic headlights," she says. I reach in the car and turn the lights off. She had no idea that even though her headlights come on automatically, that there was still a headlight switch.

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    She Popped A Spare Tire And Didn't Think She Owed The Tow Driver Money

    From Redditor u/flashgordonlightfoot:

    A customer drove on a doughnut spare until it popped, then kept on driving until the rim was utterly gone. When she got to the shop with the tow driver, she was flabbergasted that she owed him money.

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